PartoSazan Carina Ojan Company

PARTOSAZAN CARINA OJAN Company started its initial activity in 2005 under the name of micro processing by producing products such as floating panels and LED projectors.
After 3 years of activity and in 2008, you produced the first high-tech LED floor stage in the country, so that it was the leader in this field in the Iranian market for several years.
After implementing many projects all over the country and also presenting various models of the floor stage, it proved to be a pioneer in this field, so that after that many claimant companies started copying the products of this collection!
PARTOSAZAN company also presented a golden leaf in the foreign field and exporting its products, so that in 2017, it equipped one of the most luxurious nightclubs in Erbil, Iraq, with lighting products and surprised the country’s lighting community.
The digital lighting project in Iraq was implemented in such a complex and professional manner that it naturally attracted customers from Georgia and Turkey.

Currently, PARTOSAZAN Company is the largest and only producer and exporter of disco lighting equipment in the country.

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