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Disco and night club lighting

Disco and night club lighting | Design and implementation of professional lighting for nightclubs, discos, casinos, etc., with the best materials and reasonable prices

Disco and night club lighting wherever you are in the world

Implementation of the most professional lighting equipment for discos, casinos, music night clubs, etc. with the latest methods and high quality.

PARTOSAZAN is the first designer and implementer of digital lighting systems for use in club and disco halls in the Middle East. We are also proud that our products have been exported to neighboring countries.

Various products for Disco and night club lighting such as:

  • LED digital liner
  • LED wall
  • Backstage music equalizer
  • Volumetric DJ Both
  • Bar table lighting
  • LED Dancefloor stage

All lighting equipment is designed by our experts and produced with the best materials and quality. Also, the company’s technicians will install the equipment you need with the utmost precision and delicacy.

Contact us now to get a free consultation about running your salon. Our experts are ready to answer you every day from 9 am to 6 pm

Among the capabilities of the lighting equipment produced by the PARTOSAZAN, the following can be mentioned:

  • Using SMD and original chips in fixtures
  • Standard and quality connections
  • Powerful controllers with high speed and use online and offline
  • Using quality, elegant and beautiful frames with high strength

We implement any idea for you! Just call us.

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